Integracon’s Asset Disposal and Recycling Services

Integracon’s Asset Recovery & Disposal services focus on the retirement and disposal of personal computers, servers, network equipment, and peripherals. It is our mission to protect businesses from the inherent risks associated with computer retirement and disposal. What are the risks? Confidential information remaining on retired hard drives Software Piracy Environmental fines With tightly controlled […]

Integracon’s Managed Web-Filtering and Web-Security Solutions

Keep malicious internet traffic from affecting your bottom line with Integrecon’s Managed Web-Filtering and Web-Security Solutions. Premium Internet Security Suite enforces security at the DNS and IP Layers by using the Internet’s existing infrastructure to prevent command and control callbacks, malware, ransomware and phishing from compromising systems and exfiltrating data over any port or protocol. […]

Benefits of a Managed Anti-virus Solution

Managed Anti-Virus Solutions offer many benefits over traditional anti-virus deployments, which can leave too much to chance. Integracon’s Managed Anti-Virus Solutions includes enterprise class endpoint protection and is monitored 24/7. Our experts will ensure that you receive all the necessary updates and also provide you with regular reports that verify you are protected at all […]

3 Crucial Data Security Measures Every EMR Must Have in Place

Healthcare is arguably the most important industry when it comes to data security. Failure to have the proper access to patient’s record could mean the difference between life and death. Between patient records, financial information and more, cybercrime can have devastating effects for healthcare companies. Data travels in and out of healthcare systems in a […]

Securing Your Assets with Integracon’s IT Patch Management

Integracon’s Patch Management services give you peace of mind in knowing that the security of your system is top notch, immune to known vulnerabilities, as well as in regulation with government compliance laws. Patching keeps security holes closed and applications updated with the newest features. All of this ensure the productivity and efficiency of your […]