Integracon Serves Governmental Organizations

Serving the public and educating the population in a time of profound change is an enormous challenge. Whether you are facing tightening budgets and austerity measures, or are trying to adapt to new standards and global competition, technology is key to your success. With a dynamic and collaborative technology partner, you will have the resources […]

4 Ways to Free Up Storage on Your iPhone

“Storage full” is easily one of the most frustrating notifications that seem to constantly pop up on our phones. It can be tempting to pay for more storage or even to take your phone in for an upgrade for more space. But before you do so, here are some easy tips for clearing up storage […]

Integracon’s Structured Cabling Services

From conception to installation, Integracon IT Solutions is with you all the way. We can assess your infrastructure and provide the right cabling products and installation services to maximize the performance of your network and ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. At Integrecon we understand that every organization is unique and, […]

Integracon’s Hardware or Software Configuration and Deployment Services

When your organization is ready to roll out a system, application, product or process, Integracon will provide efficient, quality-driven deployment services from design concept to reality. Some of our key steps will include: Verification of Builds to Product Specification Rolling out new applications can prove a complicated and time consuming process. Our testing procedures ensure […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Tech in 2019

New year, new gadgets. Buying the latest tech device is always tempting, but tech products are annoyingly expensive. The money spent on technology can really add up throughout the course of the year. When purchasing a new product, you’re often spending more than the device is actually worth. However, having the latest tech products doesn’t […]

Healthcare Startups & Blockchain

Back in May, we talked about how blockchain will change how healthcare data is managed. As the use of blockchain significantly increased in 2018, according to IDC more than 20% of healthcare organizations will be using blockchain by 2020. So the question is, is blockchain a good move for healthcare startups? What makes blockchain so […]