Infrastructure Virtualization

Over the last several years, the benefits of virtualization have continued to extend into every layer of the business. Now more and more companies are talking about an integrated services platform that will position businesses to expand and adapt to new technologies, to changing demands, and to operational adjustments. Complete infrastructure virtualization will become a […]

Versatile Infrastructure to Meeting Changing Needs

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) can leverage the latest advances in technology to increase versatility and performance. In the past, many smaller businesses feared the large upfront investment required to update company infrastructure. Over the last several years, the rapid developments in virtualization technologies have made it easier than ever for SMBs to take advantage […]

Disruptive Technologies That Will Transform Our World

Disruptive technologies are rapidly changing our lives, our businesses and our world. The McKinsey Global Institute released an in-depth study on 12 disruptive technologies that are changing the way we work and live. These technologies bring new possibilities as well as new challenges for governments, business and families.[1] The idea of disruptive technology comes from […]

EHR and the Value of Workflow Analysis

Workflow analysis and redesign is an essential part of EHR planning and implementation. One link to poor adoption and poor satisfaction with EHR may be related to poor planning. Any EHR implementation requires change. Change is stressful and causes resistance. Without effective planning, changes may actually hinder workflow and create ineffective and time-consuming workarounds. “One important lesson […]

Small Data Centers for SMBs

As SMBs realize the need for processing, analyzing and protecting data, they face the challenge of effectively managing and developing a small data center within the organization. Managing a data center in an SMB context often means juggling a range of challenges like budget constraints, cultural boundaries and perceptions, and spacial limitations. IT World recently […]

Network Protection through Asset Inventory Control

Understanding and managing device access to your network is an essential safety control for the ongoing security of your network. According to the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), asset inventory control tops the list of 20 critical security control that can help agencies and business block the most frequent attacks. [1] Established in 2008, […]

Challenges for the Future of Healthcare Networks

Medical facilities face the challenge of upgrading their healthcare networks and providing comprehensive support for the growing demands of digitized information according to a recent report by HIMSS Analytics. In a recent study, “Healthcare Provider Network Solutions, Barriers and Challenges” HIMSS reports that “As health care organizations implement information technology solutions including components of the […]

Enterprise Architecture for SMBs

Though the name implies large corporations, the disciplined process of enterprise architecture benefits businesses of all sizes. Strategic planning and implementation needs the comprehensive picture of enterprise architecture combined with the agility of adaptive technologies. IT leaders can help manage the opposing pressure of architecture stability and the drive for an agile organization. In his […]

Four Trends that Continue to Shape SMBs

The economic challenges of the last several years caused many SMBs to move cautiously with technology investments. At the same time, small business owners are trying to find ways to compete more effectively, cut costs, and adapt to the changing markets. Technology offers potential ways for SMBs to achieve business goals. With tighter budgets and […]

Cybertheft of Intellectual Property

In a report on Intellectual Property (IP), CSO suggested that cybertheft is a serious threat for businesses around the world. They wrote, The next big target for cyber-criminals, state governments, organized crime and hackers is IP. One stolen manufacturing process can be worth millions in saved development costs or billions in market share. Estimates show […]