10 Smart Government IT Trends

In a recent symposium on smart government, Gartner Research analysts suggested that social, mobile, cloud and information are converging and driving innovation that will help establish and develop smart governments. Gartner offers 10 related IT trends that will play a key role in the coming years (see Gartner Newsroom). What is smart government? It might […]

9 Out of 10 Mobile Apps are Vulnerable

According to a recent HP Research Report, nine out of 10 mobile apps have vulnerabilities that could pose a security threat. HP Security Research tested a representative sampling of mobile applications that included reviewing the security of 2,107 applications by 601 companies listed in the Fortune Global 2000.[1] About 97 percent of the mobile apps […]

4 Out of 5 Patients Expect Online EMR Access

Consumers are taking notice of electronic medical records (EMR). More and more patients expect online EMR access, and they are willing to switch doctors for that access. According a recent global survey, 41 percent of patients would switch doctors to gain online access. Accenture conducted a survey with over 9,000 people, covering nine different countries: Australia, […]

Humanizing Healthcare Through Technology

The convergence of technology and healthcare has been rapidly advancing over the last five years. While the possibilities are amazing, one could lose sight of the human patient in the midst of advances. Doctors are facing this challenge of keeping care front and central even in the midst of new advances. As Dr. Paul A. Heineken trains young […]

10 Strategic Management Tools

Gartner has identified 10 technologies that are becoming strategic management tools for companies. We’ve discussed many of these technologies and trends in past columns, but it will be helpful for businesses to keep these on the radar when considering strategic planning for future development. “We are already seeing the adoption of ‘big data’ within the […]

Data as a Revenue Generator

Many companies may be sitting on valuable assets that could open dramatic cash flow. Big data is helping organizations uncover patterns in their company, customers and the surrounding culture, but David Newman, research vice president at Gartner, suggests open data may provide the competitive advantage for generating revenue. He explains, “more government agencies are now opening their […]