Serving the public and educating the population in a time of profound change is an enormous challenge. Whether you are facing tightening budgets and austerity measures, or are trying to adapt to new standards and global competition, technology is key to your success. With a dynamic and collaborative technology partner you will have the resources to meet your goals, make informed strategic decisions and deliver the services and quality your constituents demand.

Integracon delivers the solutions your communities need

We understand that you have unique accountability and efficiency requirements. Our solutions are designed to make your organization more effective, transparent and responsive. Integracon is a committed partner to several government agencies. They are all transforming the way they operate and modernizing their offerings with the help of handpicked Integracon professionals who have specific expertise and unique experience in their sector.

Some of the services that have helped government organizations are

IT Managed Services Contracts

IT Managed Security

IT Mail Services

IT Data Vault Services

IT Cloud Services

Strategic IT Management and Infrastructure Services

IT Telecom Services

Staff Augmentation

Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

IT Mobile Device Management