Poor IT Management can prevent Revenue Growth

Businesses find that poor IT management can prevent revenue growth and stifle the quality of products and services. From co-location and Virtual Hosting to Disaster Recovery services, Integracon partners with the world leaders in cloud technology. Let us guide you through the process of moving some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud Monitoring

Integracon provides a robust network monitoring services and tools that provide governance over all of your key data assets. This includes network, server, workstation and Internet monitoring along with much, much more.

IT Data Vault Services

51% of small and medium businesses who experience catastrophic data loss never recover. Your business relies on the on-demand availability of critical data and network applications, from accounting records to proprietary company files.

Data Center Management and Hosting

Turn to Integracon to expertly manage your Internet Domain. Your DNS configuration can affect a broad variety of performance issues related to your domain — from the speed with which your website loads to your ability to receive email.