IT Support and Consulting for Associations and Non-Profits

As with all industry types that we serve, non-profit organizations and associations have a unique set of technological needs. Integracon has real-world experience in handling them. Since 2001, we’ve gained a vast amount of experience working with non-profits and trade associations, and we can help you address the IT challenges associated with fundraising, membership management, and much more.

IT Managed Service Contracts and Technical Assistance Center

Whether you're preparing for a board meeting, fielding a phone call from a donor or are simply contacting a colleague to enquire about an upcoming fundraising event, chances are you're relying on technology to help you accomplish these tasks. But if your technology stops working — for even a few minutes — the most productive of days can come to a standstill.

Integracon provides unparalleled technical consulting and network support to non-profits and associations of all sizes, from large international firms to small offices. Whether we're in your office or providing help from a remote location, our goal always remains the same: to relieve you from the hassle of IT support, so you can concentrate on running your mission.

Technical support for the industry software you rely on

Commercially-available software packages like QuickBooks, Peachtree and CRM offer non-profits access to powerful software without the costs associated with proprietary applications. Integracon consultants can help tweak and customize these standard packages, ensuring that your staff can spend more time working on what counts, and less time fussing with screens and form fields that aren't relevant to your needs.

Provide Alternate Sources for Inexpensive Software and Hardware

Through strong industry ties, Integracon has helped many 501 (c ) (3) save ten thousands of dollars on hardware or software costs.

Some of the services that have helped our Non Profit clients are:

IT Managed Services Contracts

IT Managed Security

IT Mail Services

IT Advanced Recovery Services

IT Cloud Services

Strategic IT Management and Infrastructure Services

IT Telecom Services

IT Regulatory Compliance Services

Hardware Procurement and Asset Management Services

IT Emergency Services