Managed Email Services

Our Managed Email service will ensure that your company email is safe, secure, reliable and widely available, all at a reasonable cost, no matter how large or small your company. We specialize in Office365, Google Business Apps and Microsoft Exchange.

Email issues we can prevent

Email is such an essential part of business that if something goes wrong it can waste a lot of time and money, and even lead to loss of reputation for your organization.

Common complaints include:

Disruption to business and unhappy customers through poor communication

Concerns about viruses and phishing, especially where this could reflect badly on your organization

Troubleshooting email issues is difficult and slow

The complexity of modern email systems and the consequent length of time needed to identify and resolve issues

It’s expensive because all that junk mail uses up disk space and is resource hungry

The ever-growing demand for additional costly hardware resource, especially when that is consumed by junk email

As part of our Managed Email service you can quickly address these issues and save yourself a lot of worry. Our services are suitable for all sizes of business – from start-ups to enterprise.

Benefits of Managed Email

No business can be without email – without it you can lose face and lose business. Our Managed Email Service will ensure your email is efficient, reliable and affordable, no matter how large or small your company.

Easier budgeting with affordable monthly payments

Pricing is predictable and scalable based on a recurrent monthly payment – no surprise capital expenditure on new hardware or need to pay in advance for infrastructure resources that you won’t be using straight away.

Simple to use

IT Managed Email Services are a fully functional email system that is hosted securely in the Cloud, so it is available wherever you are.

No need to worry about security or attacks

Spam and viruses are blocked at source and constantly updated without any intervention needed from you – everything is safe and secure.

Business continuity through minimum downtime

As near as is possible, no downtime – redundant systems and transparently scalable hardware resource means you’ll be as close as you can be to being “always on”. You needn’t suffer from nasty surprises and you’ll be able to communicate via email, whenever and wherever.

Email is automatically archived if required

There’s no need for complex and expensive backup hardware solutions. Your important emails are automatically archived but are still searchable and easily retrieved, so you have a full audit trail and are free from the burden of regularly upgrading your servers or storage.