Free up your IT staff.

Firewall equipment vendors believe their products' intuitive interfaces and intelligent engines enable anyone to install and manage a firewall. However, network administrators must be familiar with TCP/IP, Internet services, encryption, firewall methodologies and VPN's to keep a firewall up-to-date with changing security threats. That experience takes time to develop and training expenses are a burden for any organization.

Security that Never Sleeps

Compare that with an Integracon managed firewall that's developed, maintained and supported by a dedicated team of expert technicians. Managed firewalls eliminate the complexities of firewall operation while providing essential security and regular maintenance. Integracon is on call 24x7x365 in the event emergency patches or evening maintenance windows are needed to assure minimal impact to the organization.

The Integracon managed firewall service provides turnkey security management and compliance reporting. The service helps clients manage a dynamic environment with VPN users, third party access and new applications. Integracon's experts will actively maintain your security perimeter.

• Professionally configured, managed and monitored firewall(s)
• Configuration changes
• Firewall rule management
• Online compliance reporting
• Failover testing
• Configuration backup
• Inbound and Outbound Access Control
• Optional monitoring and alerting