Data Center Consulting Gives Your Company Peace of Mind

Integracon understands that your business's mission is critical. We understand that your IT operations need to be available for your staff, customers, vendors and partners — every second of the day. You have invested in an IT infrastructure that powers your organization, and you demand continuous performance with optimal uptime and mitigated downtime.

Certified Technical Experts

Our team of certified technical experts have decades of experience in building and managing co-location and data center environments, from initial design & configuration, through to deployment and on-site support. We support co-location, managed services facilities, private clouds, corporate & government data centers, and much more.

Outsourcing Data Management

The value of outsourcing your data center management functions to Integracon is that we can design, build, migrate, and operate your data center or co-location with the latest technologies, energy efficient equipment and processes, and provide you with a robust, scalable, and resilient infrastructure tailored to your specific business needs.

Our Data Center Management and Consultation Services Ensures Your System's Uptime is Always Maximized and Business Continuity is Met By:

Protecting Critical Data:

Integrating data security, backup and recovery strategies that improve efficiencies and reduce upgrade costs

Providing Real-Time Device Monitoring and Resolution:

Powered by our Network Operations Center (NOC)

Optimizing Data Center and Co-location Efficiency:

Optimization realizes significant cost-savings for your organization

Virtualization Incorporation:

Consolidate resources and greatly reduce IT costs

Ensuring Business Continuity:

Critical in the event of a disaster with comprehensive recovery plans

Remote Desk and On-Site Support:

Our certified technical consultants manage your systems and devices