The Future of Big Data in Healthcare

Big data in healthcare offers great potential for improving care, but healthcare agencies face challenges of improving infrastructure, analytics capabilities, and data security, according to “The Big Data Cure” report by MeriTalk.[1] MeriTalk surveyed 150 IT-related executives in Federal Agencies that focus on healthcare and healthcare research. The majority of respondents suggested that less than […]

How Will Technology Change Your Business? Part 2

Rapidly emerging technologies are driving economic growth and reshaping the marketplace at the same time. Businesses that learn to capitalize on these innovations will thrive in the days ahead. McKinsey & Company recently updated their list of formidable technologies that are creating the future even now. [1] Today I’m covering the second half of a […]

How Will Technology Change Your Business? Part 1

Technology impacts processes, people, and even the products we make and sell. One simple definition of technology from Merriam Webster is “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.”[1] Applying new ideas and new tools in the line of business can fundamentally change the business. By looking ahead to some of the shifts in available […]

The Ethical Challenges of Big Data

Gartner recently listed “Strategic Big Data” as one of the key trends that will influence the shape of businesses in the years to come. Big Data is short for the supercomputing possibilities associated with utilizing massive data sets to help us visualize relationships, influence and behavioral propensities. Data scientists are emerging who learn who to make set predictive […]

Integrating Analytics in Healthcare

How can healthcare data analysis evolve from crawling to walking (with hopes of running some day)? Dan Reber guest blogged over at The Healthcare IT Guy recently with some helpful suggestions centered on three ways “steps” toward walking. These steps involve rethinking the types of reports generated, the team dedicated to analysis, and the quality […]