Finding Value in the Internet of Things

Gartner Research recently conducted a symposium exploring the Internet of Things. Gartner analysts are studying four fundamental usage models that could help businesses take advantage of the emerging technologies. Their goal is to help businesses see through the cluttered of information flooding the market concerning the Internet of Things. “As the Internet of Things grows […]

Making Big Data Pay

Successful business leaders are learning ways to leverage big data within the organization. According to an independent study by the the Economist Intelligence Unit, the business landscape is dramatically changing based on the massive level of data being collected each daily. While effective use of big data can be daunting, some businesses have effectively utilized […]

How Will Technology Change Your Business? Part 2

Rapidly emerging technologies are driving economic growth and reshaping the marketplace at the same time. Businesses that learn to capitalize on these innovations will thrive in the days ahead. McKinsey & Company recently updated their list of formidable technologies that are creating the future even now. [1] Today I’m covering the second half of a […]

How Will Technology Change Your Business? Part 1

Technology impacts processes, people, and even the products we make and sell. One simple definition of technology from Merriam Webster is “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.”[1] Applying new ideas and new tools in the line of business can fundamentally change the business. By looking ahead to some of the shifts in available […]

Towards a Healthcare BI Plan

Healthcare business intelligence can potentially improve patient care and reduce costs when used effectively within a given facility. At the same time, using BI within a healthcare environment comes with a range of challenges due to the critical nature of the environment, the massive amount of complex data that needs accurate interpretation, and the caution […]

Data as a Revenue Generator

Many companies may be sitting on valuable assets that could open dramatic cash flow. Big data is helping organizations uncover patterns in their company, customers and the surrounding culture, but David Newman, research vice president at Gartner, suggests open data may provide the competitive advantage for generating revenue. He explains, “more government agencies are now opening their […]