Big Data in Healthcare

Over the past few years, multiple healthcare experts have been heralding the role big data will come to play in healthcare. With the press for EHR/EMR protocols, healthcare organizations have been digitizing more data than ever before. This massive data collection ultimately will help improve healthcare delivery in quality of care, hospital safety, refining cost […]

Towards a Healthcare BI Plan

Healthcare business intelligence can potentially improve patient care and reduce costs when used effectively within a given facility. At the same time, using BI within a healthcare environment comes with a range of challenges due to the critical nature of the environment, the massive amount of complex data that needs accurate interpretation, and the caution […]

Reducing Risks with Mobile Devices in Healthcare

From malware to information theft to interruption services, there are a range of serious threats facing the ever-increasing wireless communication in the healthcare environment. While there are serious risks associated with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, Medical Devices (MDs), and more) in healthcare, there are also incredible benefits. It’s not really an option to lock-down wireless […]