5 Tips to Save Money on Tech in 2019

New year, new gadgets. Buying the latest tech device is always tempting, but tech products are annoyingly expensive. The money spent on technology can really add up throughout the course of the year. When purchasing a new product, you’re often spending more than the device is actually worth. However, having the latest tech products doesn’t […]

Healthcare Startups & Blockchain

Back in May, we talked about how blockchain will change how healthcare data is managed. As the use of blockchain significantly increased in 2018, according to IDC more than 20% of healthcare organizations will be using blockchain by 2020. So the question is, is blockchain a good move for healthcare startups? What makes blockchain so […]

Cybersecurity Trends in 2019

Cybersecurity is a hot topic for organizations across different business industries. Securing networks and protecting data from cyber-threats has become more important than ever with cyber-incidents on the rise. Here are four cybersecurity trends predicted for the new year: A focus on cloud-based security platforms It is likely that 2019 will bring an increased focus […]

3 Healthcare IT Acts You Should Know About

In the world of healthcare information technology, it is extremely important to be familiar with IT rules and regulations, as they affect how you design your systems to stay in compliance with the law. Here are 3 of the most important acts for healthcare IT professionals to be familiar with in order to remain compliant. […]

ERP: The Latest in Healthcare AI

As electronic health records (EMRs) have become the norm for most of the United States, it looks like enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be the next piece of artificial intelligence (AI) adopted by U.S. hospitals. According to a report by Evans Data Corporation, more than 58% of AI developers are currently working to add AI […]