ERP: The Latest in Healthcare AI

As electronic health records (EMRs) have become the norm for most of the United States, it looks like enterprise resource planning (ERP) will be the next piece of artificial intelligence (AI) adopted by U.S. hospitals. According to a report by Evans Data Corporation, more than 58% of AI developers are currently working to add AI functions to ERP software or already have.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and is the software packages and systems that are organized into a common database and used by organizations in order to manage business activity and data. ERPs combine many business processes and allow data to flow between them. They provide one common place for business data to be stored, making data duplication no longer necessary. ERPs bring organization to a chaotic inventory of business data and provide data security with one centralized data center.

ERP benefits

An ERP allows information to be easily accessed by company employees when necessary and reduce the time spent searching for different documents and spreadsheets. The benefits of using ERPs could go on and on, but the key benefits include increased internal collaboration, improved business insight, greater efficiency, and reduced data security risks.

Why does it matter?

Last month, HIMSS, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare through information technology, called for hospitals to begin focusing on ERP if they are not already doing so due to its development and growing popularity in healthcare IT. Although almost 40% of hospitals have embraced the ERP trend, the corporation believes that it will be crucial for hospitals to produce value-based care. HIMAA Analytics reported that almost 200 hospitals have already embraced the use of enterprise resource planning.

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