3 Essential HIT Trends to Watch in 2019

Health Care Information Technology (HIT) is a major player in a growing technological world. With the rapid growth of patient-focused tech and telehealth solutions, providers are expected to revamp their IT solutions to keep up with the rest of the online world. At Integracon, we’ve selected three of the top trends in HIT to keep an eye out for and what we can do to help.

  1. The Move to the Cloud

The days of traditional data server farms are coming to an end. Instead, health care providers are opting to move patient files to the cloud. Nearly 70% of providers in 2018 said they were making the transition to the cloud while 84% said they were already utilizing the cloud to store patient files. This jump from brick and mortar data services can be intimidating, but Integracon is here to help with solutions available for everything from consulting, construction, and control.

  1. Threat to Cybersecurity

In a digital world, cyber attacks and infiltration come with the territory. The healthcare industry is particularly at risk because of the sensitive nature of patient files stored in traditional servers or on the cloud. April proved to be a challenging month for the industry with a reported 46 breaches throughout the month. Protecting your information is essential. When researching security solutions, look for a multi-tiered approach to help protect sensitive data and keep your privacy intact.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been known as a Silicon Valley buzzword for the last decade. Today, advances in machine learning are beginning to leave the valley and permeate the healthcare industry. This tech can be used to detect fraud, wasteful spending, and weak productivity. This technology also has the power to monitor internal systems and curb hospital efficiency upwards. Read more here to see what Integracon has to say about AI and its usage in patient record filing.

We’re Here to Help

While navigating the vast world of HIT can seem daunting, Integracon is here to help. Our IT solutions for healthcare professionals ensure you meet the standards and expectations of providers in a digital world. Contact Integracon today to learn the best solutions for all of your HIT needs.