What Degree You Need to Become an IT Expert

Becoming an Information Technology Expert is an impressive career path; we can truly attest to that. Our team at Integracon loves working on IT solutions, but we worked hard to get to the career we have today. Becoming an IT expert does require a lot of living and learning. Usually, when hiring for IT experts, companies look for higher education as well as hands-on experience. In the 21st century, the hard truth is a college degree doesn’t cut it anymore. Internships, job experience, and maybe even a master’s degree is the extra mile you have to take to get to your desired career and even your dream job. 

The minimum academic requirement needed to work as an information technology specialist is a bachelor’s degree. You can pursue a degree in several different majors depending on the university you attend. You can pursue information technology, computer science, computer engineering, or information technology management. All of these programs take four years to complete. You will study various IT related topics such as IT system analysis, risk assessment, computer administration, information security, and data networking. 

Beyond a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or even a doctorate will help you compete when interviewing for jobs. Common master’s programs include Master in Technology Management and Master of Information Technology. A Master’s and Doctorate widens your knowledge in IT and helps you apply your knowledge to real-life situations. Although a master’s or doctorate is not necessary for IT jobs, it may increase your starting salary and likely set you apart from other applicants. 

After seeking education for IT, gaining experience is the next vital step going forth with your IT career. Getting a job and learning experience, no matter if it pays well or not, well set you up for success. Not only adding jobs to put in your experience section of your resume but also learning the business and handling all sorts of situations will further your career. Eventually, you will find the perfect job with a company you enjoy working for. 

Becoming an IT specialist takes a lot of time and work, but the career is worth it when you are doing something that you love every day. IT is a highly diverse field with many opportunities and job development, so make sure to take advantage of every opportunity. At Integracon, we have highly experienced staff, and we love what we do. Contact us at any time for any IT solution for your small or medium-sized business.