Bad News… Amazon Prime Day Delayed

Since July 2015, Amazon has held Prime Day. If you don’t already know, this event features many sales and promotions that are exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. Amazon claims Prime Day features more deals than Black Friday. Prime Day has gotten bigger and bigger ever since it debuted in 2015. In 2018, a concert event was held for Prime Day, where Ariana Grande headlined. In 2019, the concert got even more prominent as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Becky G, and SZA headlined. 

This year, Prime Day looks a little different due to coronavirus. Prime Day was originally scheduled to be July 13th, but it is rumored that Amazon has moved its event to October 5th. Us being math nerds, we are a little upset Prime Day is no longer on a Prime Date, 7/13. Like everything else, COVID-19 threw Amazon’s supply chain into chaos in April, when the company had to limit inbound inventory and customer orders. July was not feasible this year for Prime Day, so October is the day’s new rumored month.

Technology is a big buy for Prime Day, with people buying laptops, TVs, tablets, and the fan-favorite, Amazon Alexa. Products like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Kindle Oasis, Ring Video Doorbell, Apple Watch, and Apple Airpods have dramatic markdowns. Patience will be tested this year since the date has been pushed back, and back-to-school shopping will not get the same deals it usually receives. 

At Integracon, we always encourage our clients to stay up to date with the best in the tech world. We highly recommend you all look out for Prime Day when Amazon officially announces the new date. Whether you purchase a new tablet, noise-canceling headphones, or a swanky new laptop, we are always here to help with your IT solutions. If you are a small business owner who needs assistance with IT management, contact Integracon to learn more about the IT solutions we offer. We look forward to helping your business grow through the power of IT.

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