How Predicted Changes in Technology Will Affect the Workplace

In workplaces ranging in fields across the board, there are evident changes taking place when it comes to technology. For example, an optometrist’s office cannot just rely on paper files for each and every patient they have had. Technology is shifting the way we work, the way we interact, and the way customers access businesses. Take a look at some major changes that are either currently taking place or are predicted to take place within a short amount of time. 


There is a recent and major rise in the number of people who are self-employed, freelancers, or just simply work from home. Sometimes, when professionals are isolated and secluded all day, it can put a dent in their productivity and creativity. There are also certain needs that these professionals have that involve collaboration that simply can’t be done over email. This is why co-working spaces are gaining popularity in many areas all across the nation – and also, all across the web. These spaces are physical and virtual and provide a space that independent workers can collaborate, or simply join a workspace to increase their motivation and efficiency. Virtual co-working spaces may resemble a program like Google Drive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a heavily debated and controversial topic in the world of technology. On one hand, many people think artificial intelligence is going to take over everyone’s job and it’s a horrible thing. One the other hand, people see artificial intelligence as a way to make a day in the workplace easier and more time-efficient. The bottom line is that some jobs will be wiped out by robots, and some won’t. According to Avocor, it is predicted that jobs such as retail assistants, customer service, financial administration, and elementary storage will eventually be taken over by artificial intelligence. However, jobs in fields like education, medical research, science research, accommodation and food services, communications, and art will be greatly benefited by artificial intelligence. It is hard to know exactly how much of an impact artificial intelligence will actually have on the workplace, but these predictions are based on its growth rate up to this point. 

Workplaces are experiencing technological advancements whether they are in a physical office building, online, or in a park. Visit our website today to see how Integracon can keep your business up to speed in the midst of this ever-changing technological evolution.