IT is the abbreviation for information technology. This term encompasses such a wide array of technological categories that businesses usually need either a department or an IT specialty company to manage. Companies that have IT departments in-house usually refer to it as MIS, Management Information Services, or IS, Information Services. Whether a business has an in-house IT department or it uses an IT company to manage its’ technology, every business has similar technological needs. 


Hardware is a branch of IT that includes physical equipment such as printers, keyboards, disk drives, screens, chips, boards, and so on. All of these items are essential to the inner workings of information technology.

Operating System

This is a category under the IT umbrella that is essential for running every program or application on a computer within your business. It also keeps your information safe and protected because it runs and maintains software security.


This is any program downloaded onto a computer system. Applications require the operating system and system utilities to run. Examples of applications are web browsers, spreadsheets, design programs, and word processors.


A database is a filing system within your computer that organizes your information in a proficient manner so that accessing what you need is simple and easy. “Database” is referred to as “DB” by many IT companies and departments.


Storage is an IT necessity within all businesses. Usually, there are massive amounts of data and information that needs to be kept in a safe place. The last thing you want happening as a business owner is to run out of storage, so IT prioritizes the need for mass storage and ensures there is plenty of room for your important data.

These are a few of the broad categories that fall under the IT umbrella. When starting or managing a business, it is important to have a decent understanding of the importance and uses of IT. Let us help you not only understand IT better, but handle the challenge of it all for you. Contact Integracon today at 865-330-2323, or visit our website for more information on our services and how we can assist your business needs.