Latest Tech News Amid Novel Coronavirus

Even though every news story seems to somehow involve the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still some stellar tech news that you shouldn’t overlook. Technology plays such a vital role in coping, fighting, and studying this disease. Here are just a few of the latest stories that you can’t miss out on. 

Webcam Shortage

With the sudden surge in the number of people working from home, there has been a significant shortage in webcams. Many people rely on their work computers in an office to perform all necessary duties, so they often don’t have a nice laptop with a built-in webcam sitting around. However, since meetings still need to be held online via video conferencing applications like Zoom, webcams are in high demand. Our advice to you is to not fall into a thief’s trap. Search what a webcam would normally cost before you pay $100+ extra to trolls on eBay and Amazon.

3D Printing

In order to combat some of the severe medical supply shortages, 3D printing is being utilized to expedite the production of the specific supplies that are needed in hospitals all over the world. This also eliminates human interaction and the spread of the virus thanks to 3D printers’ ability to perform with just a few clicks. What a world we live in!

Disney+ Surge

Disney+ is an application that was released by Disney just this past November. As of February this year, Disney+ had 26 million subscribers. Now, in April, this app has more than 50 million subscribers! Simply put, Disney fans are staying entertained during this quarantine season.

Criminals and Cybercriminals

Sadly, it is to be expected to start seeing a rise in cybercrime during a time like this. Everyone is turning to their technology and mobile devices to work, get an education, and entertain themselves. There has been a rise in spam emails that deliver malware to the device the email link is clicked on. In addition to these cybercriminals, there are also criminals who are using the internet to sell fake COVID-19 testing kits. Stay on your toes, and watch out for these dangerous people online.

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