Safer Internet Day – February 11th

February 11th has been Safer Internet Day since 2004, and this “holiday” is recognized across the world. People acknowledge this day in many different countries. Why is this day such a big deal globally, might you ask? Safe internet navigation is just that important. Also, since technology changes and advances each and every day, it is important to stay with the current safety trends and understand the risks when you don’t do so.

Each year, there is actually a conference that is held in recognition of Safer Internet Day. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have been in attendance at this conference in the past. Representatives from these companies speak and provide insight into what is in the near future for internet safety and technology. It is meant to be educational and enjoyable for people of all ages and levels of education. Musicians are also in attendance and perform for the conference guests. Visit for more information on this annual conference. 

Take this day each year to sit down with your employees and/or coworkers and discuss what it means to practice safe internet navigation. It is important that people working in an office are very careful and cautious about what they click on, what information they report, and what platforms they share information on. It is a good idea to have everyone within the office come up with one or two measures that could be taken to make internet practices safer within the company. 

Use the information that you gather from your own research, as well as your employees and coworkers’ ideas and apply it to your personal life. We live in a world that is run by our phones and social media. You need to make sure you are protected by ensuring you do not publicly post anything that should remain confidential on social media. Inform your family or the people you live with about the safety tips. 

It’s very important to stay safe online. Protect your company, your family, and yourself by keeping a check on your knowledge of internet safety. You should always stay up to date with security programs on the computers in your office. If this sounds like something you aren’t very familiar with or comfortable managing, contact Integracon today. Visit our website to explore all of the services we offer to small businesses.