The Benefits of IT Managed Security Working from Home

There is such great importance in having a high quality and efficiently running security system installed in your technology system at work. I think we all know that by now. However, what makes Integracon’s premier IT managed security suite different from the rest? And how can this service be beneficial to you working from home during the coronavirus pandemic? Let’s take a deeper look.

First and foremost, you are our top priority. That is why we work with you in figuring out which services for which devices would work best to optimize the inner workings of your business. Then, based on your needs, we will implement the perfect program for you and your company. Integracon uniquely provides security to prevent data from being compromised and breached through tools within “the cloud.” This allows our security services to reach your business more quickly and efficiently. 

Also, because of this cloud-based setup, it is a painless process to transfer all of the security specs you have with us from the office to your home! Sometimes, our computer at home can be more susceptible to hackers, viruses, and other cybercriminals because we use it for many different purposes. Therefore, working from home calls for amped up security. Lucky for you, you have Integracon’s premier IT managed security suite through the cloud, and you are protected. 

We use a multi-tiered approach to security management that includes anti-virus, security patch management, web filtering, web security, internet backup, firewall, IPS/IDS management, IT data vault services, and IT regulatory compliance services. It is so important to be able to trust that your information is safe when you are working, but it is really important to have that peace of mind when you are working from home during a pandemic. You don’t need any more stress after making the difficult decision to temporarily transfer your workplace to your dining room. Contact Integracon today if you are making the move to work from home or if you are in need of our top of the line security services. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your small business thrive.