4 Tech Gifts to Give Mom this Mother’s Day

Our mothers mean so much to us, and at Integracon, we can’t think of a better gift to give mom on Mother’s Day than “all-things-tech.” Whether it’s a technology device itself or it is a tech accessory, your mom will love getting new and improved tech gear so that she stays on-trend. Plus, if she doesn’t know how to use something you give her, this is a great opportunity to sit down and spend quality time with your mom. Be intentional, and show her how the gift you got her can make life easier and more convenient – this simple act will be the greatest gift of all in her eyes. 

1. Digital Picture Frame

This could be an amazing Mother’s Day gift. The best part about giving your mom a digital picture frame for Mother’s Day is that you can load the pictures onto the frame’s drive and get everything set up before you give it to her. That way, all she has to do is plug it up and watch all the sweet pictures and memories that you loaded pan through. 

2. Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers

Tangled headphone cords are now a thing of the past. Plus, who can even stand those dangling cords getting in your way when you’re just trying to jog, cook, or clean? Bluetooth headphones and speakers are incredibly innovative, and they are trending among people of all ages. If earbuds bother you, but you are still on the go, several companies have actually released Bluetooth speakers that you can wear around your neck. You know your mother – which one would best suit her lifestyle?

3. Car Phone Mount

Consider getting your mom a phone mount for the car to ensure her safety. This way, she can be hands-free while using her phone’s GPS to get to the next stop. Cup holder phone mounts are a great option if you are unsure whether or not her dash is suitable for a suction mount. 

4. Handbag Light

Yes, you heard us right. There is now a light for all moms to put in their purses. We have all experienced our mothers rummaging through their purses unable to find something. This awesome invention is the solution to this ongoing struggle for moms everywhere. 

At Integracon, we love everything tech. We hope this blog gave you some ideas for what to get your mom for Mother’s Day this year. To learn more about our services and what we offer as a company, visit our website today.