Mobile Device Management

When you think of IT management, you may think of an IT company, like Integracon, managing the software and devices within a business or company’s office. Our world is becoming more and more “on the go” each and every day. With this in mind, Integracon is skilled, equipped, and experienced with mobile device management within many types of businesses, small and medium. Many companies have a BYOD or “bring your own device” system, and since that works so well for the structure of so many businesses, we want to adapt to this structure on the IT management side of things. 

Within companies that use a “bring your own device” system, there is often not a strong security network established in each mobile device that each employee uses. In fact, not having to spend the money to get security on multiple company-owned computers might have been your initial thought process to save money when launching your business. However, when you give your employees access to the files, documents, software, and data that is confidential to your company, it all becomes more and more susceptible to being corrupted, deleted, or stolen the more you distribute it to unmanaged and unsecured devices. Your solution to this is Integracon’s mobile device management solutions. We bring your company synchronized security to each individual device and take the stress off of you! 

By allowing Integracon to manage your small or medium-sized business’ mobile devices, you get, not only, top of the line security on each device, but you also get a comprehensive or synchronized view of every document, app, file, task management software, etc. This allows for a better workflow, day in and day out, because it eliminates the need to constantly make sure everyone is one the same page with so many tasks. You can rest assured that we have the experience and resources necessary to use IT to enhance the performance of your business.

At Integracon, we understand the importance of security and task management. We want to protect your business while offering top of the line security to ensure your data’s safety. Contact us today if you have a need for mobile device management – we would love to explain more in-depth all of the benefits this package would bring your business.