Tips on Disinfecting Your Tech Devices

The COVID-19 pandemic making its way across the globe gives us a reason to urgently wipe down and clean the surfaces of all our tech devices. However, it shouldn’t take a worldwide pandemic to encourage you to clean the tech equipment around your home and office. Frequently cleaning your tech devices at home and in the office is essential to the well being of you, your coworkers, your employees, and your family. Let’s take a look at some of the devices that the germs live on the most and how to thoroughly clean them.

Cell Phones

Even before the age of cell phones, not to mention smartphones, phones were always known to be one of the main sources of germs within the home. In the past, the landline telephone with the restrictive winding cord was said to be much more ridden with germs and bacteria than any toilet in the household. Now, cellphones are a different story. We use our phones for much more than just talking on the phone, and we carry these devices to hundreds of different sites like stores, restaurants, offices, parks, airports, bus stations, and even bathrooms. Our landline telephones always stayed in our house, so can you imagine how much dirtier our cellphones are than our toilet? Use a gentle disinfecting wipe or spray, like a Lysol wipe, and thoroughly wipe down the entire surface (front, back, and sides) of your cell phone (and case). Avoid getting liquid in the charging port or any other opening on the device. It is advised to clean your cell phone once every week or two normally, but in our current situation, you may consider daily or every other day.


Similar to cell phones, tablets are a multipurpose device so we are touching them with unclean hands frequently throughout the day. Not many people bring their tablets to all the public places they go, but just traveling from the office and back home is enough for your tablet to pick up an abundance of germs. Wipe your tablet down with some sort of disinfectant just as often as you would your cell phone. 

Computers and Keyboards

Lately, there has been a rise in popularity of touchscreen computers. Touchscreen capabilities on your computer come in handy throughout the day because it’s so convenient and can make tasks a lot easier to complete. However, because we are now using a computer like we use smartphones and tablets, our computers have become just as germy and dirty as our other devices. Even if your computer is not a touchscreen, the keyboard is a breeding ground for germs. The grooves and buttons on a keyboard make it easier for germs to live and “hideout.” Just spraying your keyboard with a disinfectant spray won’t get all the germs. It is recommended that you take some time twice a month to thoroughly wipe or scrub your keyboard with disinfectant. There are some gadgets you can buy online to make keyboard cleaning easier and more effective!

Cleaning and disinfecting your frequently used tech devices are very important to ensure the health of you and those around you. During this COVID-19 pandemic, take extra steps in cleaning your devices by cleaning more frequently and more thoroughly. Stay safe during this time, and contact Integracon for any IT questions or needs you may have during this challenging time for businesses. We are here for you.