Best Tech for the Long Quarantined Days at Home

Whether you have halted your small business operations, are a student at home, temporarily lost your job, or are working from home because of COVID-19, technology most likely plays a prevalent role in your daily life. Here are some brands, companies, software, and platforms, that are keeping life interesting and entertaining during these long days spent cooped up in the house.


Zoom is a video conference call application software that is designed to help professionals across the world connect. If you are working from home during this social distancing era, Zoom is a great way to stay connected to coworkers and clients. Being able to see the other person’s face while talking to them enhances the quality of communication significantly. On the other hand, if you are not working from home during your quarantine, Zoom is also a great tool for you. You can stay connected with family members and friends by setting up a Zoom call on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes texting just won’t do, and we need a little more interaction. Zoom is here to help!

Watch Parties

Do you miss having movie nights with your friends? Did you know that you can host a virtual movie night with all of your friends during quarantine? There are several applications that people are buzzing about in the media that allow you to connect with your group of friends online, and you can all watch the same movie at the same time. There are no delays or lags – if someone needs to pause the movie for a bathroom break, everyone’s screen pauses just as if you were in one place watching the same screen. There are often chat boxes, too so that you and your friends can comment on certain scenes, actors, songs, you name it.

Online Games and Puzzles

If you live alone or there are very few people in your household, playing games can be difficult or just flat out boring. Stay connected with friends in other households by playing games online. There are many apps and websites that allow you to do so for free. If you want some entertainment, but you just want some time to yourself to relax, online jigsaw puzzles, word searches, color by numbers, crossword puzzles, and sudokus are all available to you free of charge online, as well.

Social Media

Social media, in general, is a great way to keep up with friends’ and family members’ lives. Use the days during this quarantine era to utilize social media as a tool to not only keep up with others’ lives but to also ensure that your mental health stays in tip-top shape. Start a Facebook group about a certain topic, issue, or subject you are interested in. Invite your friends to join the group, and have meaningful conversations online.