Healthcare Startups & Blockchain

Back in May, we talked about how blockchain will change how healthcare data is managed. As the use of blockchain significantly increased in 2018, according to IDC more than 20% of healthcare organizations will be using blockchain by 2020. So the question is, is blockchain a good move for healthcare startups?

What makes blockchain so useful for managing healthcare data?

When it comes to healthcare, data security is extremely important. Healthcare organizations manage huge amounts of data, including electronic health records (EHRs), patient health information (PHI), medical insurance claims, and more, making it crucial that these records are managed securely. While some healthcare startups are having success with blockchain, it may not be the best idea for others. Using blockchain can sound tempting as it’s adopted by many large healthcare organizations, but blockchain is largely a tool to solve data issues; therefore, blockchain only makes sense if it is necessary for the security of your startup’s data.

Is blockchain the answer for your startup?

The blockchain system has the potential to effectively assist healthcare organizations in eliminating the IT issues and challenges that come with the privacy, communication, and storage of massive amounts of data. Because blockchain is built for data transfers and verifiable access, it is only needed if those are areas your startup needs to secure. If you are not managing large amounts of data or have a large number of people trying to access the data, blockchain may not be necessary for your startup.

Healthcare IT with Integracon

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