The Ethical Challenges of Big Data

Gartner recently listed “Strategic Big Data” as one of the key trends that will influence the shape of businesses in the years to come. Big Data is short for the supercomputing possibilities associated with utilizing massive data sets to help us visualize relationships, influence and behavioral propensities. Data scientists are emerging who learn who to make set predictive […]

Integrating Analytics in Healthcare

How can healthcare data analysis evolve from crawling to walking (with hopes of running some day)? Dan Reber guest blogged over at The Healthcare IT Guy recently with some helpful suggestions centered on three ways “steps” toward walking. These steps involve rethinking the types of reports generated, the team dedicated to analysis, and the quality […]

Data Breaches: 20 Critical Security Controls

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report makes it clear that each organization needs to implement a multi-faceted security solution to address the range of potential threats. Verizon points out that a one-size-fits-all security package is not a solution. Each organization has unique challenges based on type and size of company, processes and procedures, budget, and other […]

Cybertheft of Intellectual Property

In a report on Intellectual Property (IP), CSO suggested that cybertheft is a serious threat for businesses around the world. They wrote, The next big target for cyber-criminals, state governments, organized crime and hackers is IP. One stolen manufacturing process can be worth millions in saved development costs or billions in market share. Estimates show […]

The Challenge of Guarding Ideas

The challenge of keeping valuable secrets confidential is often held in tension with the challenge of being a robust company with opportunity to discover and grow. Some companies lock-down information so tightly it can inhibit workflow, cause unnecessary duplication, and even generate a culture of suspicion. Other businesses may err the other way and lose valuable information that can hurt […]

Protecting Against Insider Threats to Your Organization

How do you guard against employee theft of data without creating an environment of suspicion? By developing and administering an internal security policy, you can keep internal security at a professional level. Here are a few highlights in beginning to consider a plan: Understanding Your Data Monitoring Network Activity Utilizing Data Protection Tools for Various […]