5 Ways to Encourage Stakeholders to Outsource Your IT

We get IT. You know how valuable outsourcing can be when it comes to your company’s IT needs. Maybe even Mike and Scott in the offices next to you know, too. But with so many stakeholders above you in the chain of command, getting the go-ahead from fellow decisionmakers can pose quite the challenge. To help make your case when presenting to the “grand jury” of your company, here are five persuasive points you must include.

The Majority Companies Outsource Their IT

According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey of 2016, 72% of companies currently outsource the management and maintenance of their IT with a predicted future increase of 31%. With such facts, you can confidently stand behind the trend that the majority of companies have found, and continue to find, the investment of outsourcing IT worthwhile.

It’s Not All or Nothing

Try compiling a full audit of the current tasks your IT department performs on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. Are there areas that are being overlooked or areas that could be managed more properly and efficiently by an IT partner? Maybe your  IT partner can perform the routine services such as server maintenance and hardware/software updates, while the in-house team can oversee and direct their focus toward larger, more specialized projects. Many systems also benefit from yearly check-ups, but in-house teams often do not have the capacity to perform such tasks on their own.

Rather than suggesting a complete overhaul, try starting small and encouraging the idea of working alongside an IT partner while showcasing the benefits of outsourced IT for your company.  

Reduce Costs with IT Outsourcing

The main driver that is leading companies into outsourcing IT is reducing costs. Savings have been found significant, placing the average cost savings for companies who choose to outsource IT as high as 25% to 40%. Both capital and operating expenses can be reduced. Purchasing computer hardware and dedicating valuable square footage to a “data center” will no longer be necessary. Additionally, you can also avoid hiring another salaried employee, or three.

Before presenting the beneficial option of outsourcing your company’s IT, try to evaluate the cost savings that will occur by not financing yet another employee’s wages, benefits, etc. Then compare it to the cost of simply paying for the expertise of knowledgeable consultants.

Increased Focus on Core Business

IT, for many companies, is often considered a support function rather than a core competency. In other words, building your own data center isn’t exactly going to set you apart from your competitors. Since your business is not technology, it is often a challenge to hire talent with top-tier skills that CAN create software and systems that will, in fact, give you that competitive advantage you need.

By outsourcing your IT needs, you will bring in top-tier, trusted experts no matter your industry or size.

Access to Experts and the Latest Technology

Because IT is the partner’s core competency, its employees are trained and certified in the technologies they support – they know technology like the back of their hand. Having access to a team of experts can reduce risk and increase flexibility. You will have automatic access to the latest, most beneficial technology in your industry, plus an expert to deploy it. What more could you ask for?

When managed properly, outsourcing IT can be extremely advantageous. Now it’s time to present your case and win over the “jury.” For a reliable, experienced IT outsourcing company, Knoxville businesses and beyond turn to Integracon Technologies. Contact Integracon Technologies today at 1-865-330-2323 or visit our website to learn more about our services.