Benefits of a Managed Anti-virus Solution

Managed Anti-Virus Solutions offer many benefits over traditional anti-virus deployments, which can leave too much to chance. Integracon’s Managed Anti-Virus Solutions includes enterprise class endpoint protection and is monitored 24/7. Our experts will ensure that you receive all the necessary updates and also provide you with regular reports that verify you are protected at all times.

Here’s a look at the additional benefits of implementing Integracon’s Managed Anti-Virus Solutions:

Reduce Operating Costs

An unexpected security incident like a Virus infection or a trojan horse could affect your day-to-day productivity. In the past, this has cost companies time and money as they try and recover as quickly as possible and maintain their level of service. Some viruses can take down a group of workstations for weeks before they are eradicated. Removing this risk will ensure quality of service to your clients and save you money, in the long run.

Protect your Company’s Critical Assets and Information

We use Security applications that are proactive and ensure an additional layer of protection against any type of unknown malware, targeted attacks and/or internet threats.

Flexible Security Solution

We work with you to determine the best security fit for your company’s size and network. Our security scans and program updates will be run during off-production periods for your organization.

Comprehensive Reporting

We take pride in being transparent with all our processes. One of the ways we ensure transparency is through our monthly reports- we provide monthly reports that display the level of protection that you received from us.

Total Peace of Mind

Instead of manually updating the Anti-virus Solution on each and every PC manually, you Integracon can ensure that all of your servers, workstations, and laptops are always protected by IT Security Professionals who are trained and certified to handle all your IT needs 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Integracon’s Managed Anti-Virus Solutions ensure your business systems are protected against the latest threats and updates. Our goals are simple: to make sure your IT systems are always up and running securely, and, to make sure your business continues to grow with IT. Contact Integracon about our Managed Anti-Virus Solutions today.