Cloud Consulting: How to Know If Your Business is Ready

We all hear about the cloud: a mysterious cyber entity that holds endless data and information for easy access. The thing about the cloud, though, is that it is actually very mysterious to most users. From cloud computing and cloud migration to a public vs. private cloud, there is a lot of tech jargon around understanding just how the cloud works. Luckily, Integracon can help with cloud consulting services.

What is Cloud Consulting?

Cloud consulting allows your business to operate on the cloud completely worry-free. Integracon’s consulting services include cloud planning and construction, so our qualified employees can build, upkeep, and monitor your company’s cloud. If you’re having trouble navigating the cloud, Integracon implements best practices that minimize the risk when attempting to wade through the complexities associated with moving to the cloud. Our expert consultants can work with your current IT team to build and operate the optimal cloud environment for your specific organization.

Is Your Organization Ready for the Cloud?

Integracon developed a specific test to determine whether or not your business is prepared for the cloud: Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA). The CRA includes a high-level evaluation of your company’s environment that allows us to provide you with a clear path for leveraging cost savings and competitive advantages to create and implement your ideal cloud. The CRA takes into consideration the complexities and nuances that are specific to each individual company in order to make sure we create a cloud that helps increase your office’s productivity. Topics covered in the CRA include:

  • Technology management
  • Connectivity/bandwidth requirements
  • Cloud application connectivity
  • Cost reduction plans
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Cloud security
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Business continuity plan

Cloud Consulting with Integracon

Integracon’s highly qualified, trained consultants are prepared to take cloud construction and implementation off your company’s hands. With over a decade working in information technology, Integracon is fully equipped to handle IT networks of any size. If you have questions about the cloud or cloud construction, contact us today.