Developing a BYOD Infrastructure

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will continue to grow and be a major challenge/opportunity for businesses in the years to come. The advantages of BYOD are numerous including the following:

  • Reduced costs and responsibility for securing and maintaining smartphones and service plans.
  • Simplified telecomputing for traveling or working from home. Employees can access and respond to projects anytime, anywhere.
  • Centralized control and management as opposed to device-based control.
  • Streamlined application support.

BYOD allows IT to focus on network and application deployment via network as opposed to work on a device by device basis. In addition to a robust BYOD policy (see BYOD Policy Essentials) IT must invest in an infrastructure that can support and adapt to BYOD needs. Basically, IT needs to implement a network environment that can deliver applications from a centralized managed system. By delivering data and providing network access via a common, secured methodology, IT can set automated governance policies in place.

Some of the infrastructure challenges that you should plan for include transitioning to the following:

  • Application virtualization – By delivering web-based application from a central server, IT improves manageability, compatibility, and portability of applications.
  • Desktop virtualization – A client-server environment allows IT to manage all devices remotely from a central server.
  • Network Segmentation – By segmenting assets, resources, and applications in secure compartments, IT can increase security and limit access.
  • Network Access Control (NAC) – Connecting to the network via NAC allows IT to created a tiered-access based on device identification. This also allows IT to monitor and track all devices connected to network.
  • Manage Bandwidth Allocation – Network bandwidth must be monitored, managed and scaled as needed based on current and projected usage.

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