Importance of Security Patching and Software Updates

A security patch is, in essence, a small piece of software that provides changes to a computer program that is used to update, improve, or fix a standing problem within the current program. These patches are included in any software updates offered within your specific security program. Utilizing security patching in your business is crucial. It can provide simple bug fixes or save your entire program by preventing any security vulnerability. Here are three reasons why security patching is so important.


1. Patch security flaws by keep software up to date.


Diligently keeping your security software up to date is very important for many reasons. One being that the more time that passes without updating your security software, the more time hackers have to find holes within it to hack or infiltrate viruses like spyware onto your computer. IT companies are constantly monitoring the moves that these hackers make, so with all updates come security patches to “patch” the holes hackers have created. 


2. Patches within software updates help to keep your data safe.


Most people and businesses use their computers as storage systems for confidential information such as passwords, emails, bank account or payroll information, and important documents. All of these are seen as valuable to the criminals behind computer hacking. If your security software is not up to date and any of this data gets in their hands, they can sell your personal or your business’ information on the dark web or completely take control of your device(s) and take your information for ransom. This is just one more reason that security patching is crucial in keeping you or your business safe because it keeps the “cyber rabbit holes” filled and blocked.


3. Security patching can protect your clients, friends, and family.


If your device(s) get infected or hacked, there is a chance that the cybercriminal will get ahold of your email contacts. If hackers have this confidential information, they can essentially email anyone on your contact list a tainted link coming from your email address. Once your friend, family member, or client clicks on that link, their device will also become infected. Hackers are good at what they do, so these emails can look very convincing as if they actually were coming from you. As a business owner, this can be very scary. If your clients get hacked because of a virus their company caught from yours, it could cause broken business relations and a major decline in your business’ overall success. Updating your security software regularly and utilizing security patches will not only keep you safe, but keep your family, friends, and clients safe, too.