Integracon Case Study: Connor Concepts

Let’s take a trip back in time to 2009…You’re checking out a new burger place downtown with your friends. You whip out your iPhone 4 or Motorola Droid, and a notification pops up prompting you to connect to the restaurant’s free Wi-Fi network. Awesome, you think, but I already have an unlimited data plan, so it doesn’t really matter.

Fast-forward to 2017. Your provider has kicked you off of your precious unlimited data plan. You only have 8GB of LTE data to spare, and if you go over, you face paying a penalty — so staying on Wi-Fi 24/7 is pretty much essential. You’re traveling for work, and you decide to stop by a cozy-looking restaurant to grab a bite to eat. You sit down to check some emails on your iPhone 8 Plus and — no….wait a second…no Wi-Fi???

We’ve all been there at some point or another. The truth is, Wi-Fi connection in restaurants and other customer service establishments is no longer optional — it’s necessary for keeping customers happy. They expect it.

Connor Concepts, parent company to The Chop House and Connors Steak & Seafood, ran into this problem earlier this year when it found out that its primary complaint from customers was a lack of Wi-Fi. So, the company asked Integracon to step in and help out with implementing their wireless network.

What We Did

On Mother’s Day 2017, Integracon created cloud-based Wi-Fi access points for Connor Concepts using Ruckus Cloud. These access points featured remote access that allowed for signal shaping. With the ability to shape each access point, Integracon was able to ensure a complete lack of dead zones.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi offers simple, intuitive, cloud-managed Wi-Fi that allows for fewer access points to cover a given area. This provides a great Wi-Fi experience regardless of user incompetence and ensures each user has enough bandwidth to support their applications.

The intent-driven user base also allows for user-friendly access point management. Employees of all skill levels are able to manage WLAN, WLAN management tasks are easier and faster to do, and critical event auto-notifications maximize network uptime and minimize status-checking.

The mobile app for Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi allows for management and monitoring of the network from any iOS or Android device.

On Mother’s Day, 7,500 people connected to Wi-Fi access points at Connor Concepts’ locations.