How Telehealth is Helping Hospital Revenue Cycles

We’ve talked about the major benefits and trends of telehealth, but one of the lesser known benefits is the improvement telehealth can bring to the billing and payment cycle for hospitals. As patient financial responsibility for healthcare bills evolve, there has been an increase in the use of online platforms to streamline payments between patients […]

Healthcare Facilities Must Adapt or Die

While healthcare facilities exist to treat the sick and improve wellness, many of those same facilities limp forward struggling to survive. USA Today reported that on average 89 hospitals had closed per year over the past ten years,[1] while healthcare experts David Houle and Jonathan Fleece suggest that by 2020 one-third of U.S. hospitals will close their […]

Humanizing Healthcare Through Technology

The convergence of technology and healthcare has been rapidly advancing over the last five years. While the possibilities are amazing, one could lose sight of the human patient in the midst of advances. Doctors are facing this challenge of keeping care front and central even in the midst of new advances. As Dr. Paul A. Heineken trains young […]