Technical Assistance with Integracon

Whether your business is ready for them or not, IT emergencies happen. Systems crash, WiFi cuts out, and the number of data hackers seem to be growing every year. Our IT Technical Assistance Center is one of the most important benefits we offer for your business. It is one of the core products we offer in our managed IT service plans. When you call our Technical Assistance Center, you’ll be talking to one of our expert technical consultants within five minutes.

IT emergencies

When something goes wrong in your IT network and/or IT emergency emerges, you need an IT team that is ready to provide fast and effective help. We work to solve your IT issue while maintaining the continuity of your business so you can continue to work without interruptions that could slow down your business. Because of how our live support functions, our network consultants are able to see what is happening on a user’s computer screen in real time, allowing solutions and instructions to be easy to follow. All you need is a phone and a Wi-Fi connection.

Response time

We work hard so you can rely on fast emergency response time. All Integracon customers are eligible for a one-hour remote response guarantee. And as a bonus, if you are within our core service area, you may be eligible for a four-hour onsite response as well. This service is available at all times. As a resource, we are staffed with certified network consultants who are prepared to solve your IT issues as they arise.

Integracon’s IT Technical Assistance Center

Integracon Technologies offers unlimited Live Technical Assistance support as a core feature in our managed IT service plans. We are dedicated to finding financially-backed service level agreements that best fit your business objectives. Let the professionals solve your problems so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us for professional technical assistance on our site.