Technology You Should Leave in the Last Decade

It’s time we move on from a few of the tech items we’ve been holding onto for the last few years. Considering the vast advancements technology is making each and every day, some of this outdated technology is costing us more time, money, and effort than it would if we adapted to the new technology offered.

Fax Machines

Many offices, but especially hospitals, can’t seem to let go of their fax machines for some reason. This was an invention to fundamentally skip the “snail mail” processing of delivering documents from business to business or business to client. However, email has revolutionized “snail mail” and should have eliminated the fax machine, also. However, they are still being used across the world. Next time you’re waiting an hour in the doctor’s offices, ask them if they still use a fax machine… just for fun! 


According to Time, reportedly 2.3 million Americans in the year of 2015 were still using dial-up internet. This might be mind-blowing to some of us, but households who live in rural areas in the country may simply not have access to anything except dial-up. However, if your business still happens to use this type of internet, the time has come for an update. The speeds of the internet that today’s providers offer will blow you away!

Cassette Tapes

Similar to the rising trend of vinyls, cassette tapes are surprisingly still being sold nationally by the tens of thousands every day, according to Rolling Stone in 2016. This piece of information is baffling because CD sales are steadily declining (or plummeting really) every day, so how in the age of streaming music via the Internet are cassette tapes thriving? The world may just never know.

Do you still use any of these items at home or at work? It might be time for an upgrade. If your small business needs assistance getting up to date on your office’s technology, software, or security, contact us today to see how we can help. We’ll take the pressure off by giving you quality advice from our IT professionals and handling all updates that need to be made. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! At Integracon Technologies, we get IT. 

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