The Benefits of IT Data Vault Services

One of the worst fears for any small to mid-sized business is the possibility of experiencing a massive data loss. In fact, 51% of small and medium businesses who experience a catastrophic data loss never recover. This is where data vault services can save the day for business owners who want to protect their important information. Data vault services ensure that your files and records are locally backed up and a copy of them exists on an off-site server in the case of local backup failure. In the event of a natural disaster or system failure, data loss can occur, but the use of data vault services can help you recover lost files in a few hours. While this is the major benefit of data vault services, there are more than a few reasons you should be using them to protect your business. 

Flexible Backup Design

No two businesses are alike and the same goes for your data. Our managed backup service is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of data types including files, directories, or even whole disks and run them in near real-time. 

All-Inclusive Backup Plan

No hidden fees. No outrageous premiums. Our services are priced at a monthly fee and include everything necessary to secure your data in the possibility of a disaster. You can rest easy knowing your data is protected while ensuring your budget is prepared for anything. 

Web-Based Access

One of the benefits of working with Integracon is the ability to see exactly where your data is going. By providing our clients with web-based access, you can verify file uploads, initiate folder restores, and check the progress of backup statuses and data replications. 

Fully Managed and Staff Free Backups

Working with managed IT data vault services means that you don’t have to worry about hiring a full time IT staff to protect your data. Instead of finding room in your budget for another salary with benefits, you can outsource your data protection for a much lower cost. Our managed solutions enable you to focus on running your business rather than wringing your hands over the safety of your data. 

Trust The Professionals

When it comes to data, don’t risk catastrophic loss or permanent damage to your business. Instead, trust the team at Integracon with the protection of your sensitive information. Our team is filled with highly trained specialists who understand the importance of protecting your business while providing high-quality IT services. Give us a call today or visit our site to start taking steps to prepare for any disaster that could lie ahead.