How Our Cloud Services Can Help You

The cloud: famous to some, infamous to others, the cloud is a relatively new development in technology that has brought even more innovation with it. Cloud based technology is the ability to host a software platform or service from a remote location that can be accessed and used anywhere via Internet access. This allows us at Integracon to offer cloud services, or a wide range of IT resources over the Internet, in three key categories: cloud consulting, cloud construction, and cloud control and infrastructure.

Cloud Consulting

If you believe your business is ready to make the jump to the cloud, Integracon’s cloud consulting services can help. Managing anything cloud-based is massively complex and requires a high level of IT proficiency, so transitioning your company’s network and resources to a cloud-based environment is definitely a time-consuming undertaking. Our cloud consulting resources can assess whether your network is ready and capable for the cloud, data center consulting, and IT data vault services. Let us minimize your risks when navigating the complexities of cloud conversion and ensure you’re making all the right decisions to keep your network running as efficiently as possible.

After you’ve decided to convert your resources to the cloud, it’s time to take some action. At Integracon, we can help you enable your company or organization to run on the cloud with our surfeit of cloud creation tools. With years of experience, our Cloud Development Team can confidently take you through the conversion from on-premises to a hybrid or full-scale cloud network.

Cloud Construction

With the cloud, your organization can reduce costs, enhance agility, and deploy mission-critical business applications with ease. First, our cloud migration services help you move a workload or application to the cloud whether you’re starting from scratch or already in the process. Next, our cloud experts can help launch your cloud with our cloud deployment services. Let us help you make the right decisions and identify the right solutions for deploying your specific cloud. Finally, we can help you consolidate your clouds with Integracon’s cloud integration services. We can help you easily connect multiple existing clouds in order to streamline productivity within your organization.

After your cloud has been created and fleshed out, it’s time to think about management and control. Integracon provides a wide range of services and technologies to aid in cloud control and infrastructure.

Cloud Control & Infrastructure

Let us take care of your cloud management and free up that brain space to worry about more important things within your organization. Poor IT management can result in reduced revenue growth; but fortunately, Integracon partners with world leaders in cloud technology to ensure your cloud is running smoothly and efficiently. We offer monitoring services to give you control over all of your key data assets. Our data IT vault services provide peace of mind when it comes to your data assets, so you’ll never worry about having to recover from catastrophic data loss, from accounting records to propriety company files. Finally, our data center management and hosting allows Integracon to manage and operate your Internet domain. From the speed at which your website loads to your ability to send and receive email, your domain configuration greatly affects your day-to-day efficiency.

Contact Integracon today for your free network assessment. We can easily determine the best ways in which our solutions and management services can benefit you and your business. Let us help you streamline productivity and increase efficiency with our complete cloud services today.