Digital Technology Trends Coming in 2020

Technology, especially digital, is an ever-changing and evolving category. With every year that goes by, it seems that people rely on digital platforms to get through daily life more and more. It is hard to imagine digital technology expanding and advancing any more than it already has, but we have news for you! It is, in fact, changing more. Here are 5 digital technology trends that are expected to take off in the year of 2020. 


This is a fairly new term in the world of technology, but it has a very significant meaning when considering digital. It is thought that multi-experience is what the future of app development entails. According to Gartner, this term “refers to the various devices and apps with which users interact on their digital journeys.” Devices that provide virtual environments or 3D environments that users can join and receive information from are the base of the trend that is on the rise. 

Interfaceless Machines

Since screens on mobile devices are becoming larger and higher in resolution, businesses are taking advantage of the majority of the population’s ability to access their message on their phone rather than having to provide them with the information or products via traditional interface models.

Agent Interfaces

Agent interfaces refers to artificial intelligence assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, or chatbots on a company’s website. Instead of having to call a store or search for something on the web, agent interfaces like these are at your fingertips and provide you an answer to your inquiry in a timely manner.

Facial Recognition Payment

Right now in China, facial recognition payment is being utilized every day. It is a trend that is predicted to take on a prominent presence in the financial industry. Privacy is a top concern for most consumers who hear about this evolving trend. Cash and bank cards may never be hardly used in the coming years. Now that’s hard to imagine.

Inclusive Design

Inclusivity of people with special needs all across the board is becoming a priority for many businesses in all industries. Businesses are striving to accommodate all needs of all people so that they can have an easy and enjoyable experience with their company. Design that does not accommodate special needs will eventually be considered outdated and possibly offensive.

Does this excite you, or do you wish things would just slow down in the technology realm? Adjusting to new technology trends and keeping up to date can be a struggle at times, especially as a small business owner. Contact Integracon today for information on how we can keep your company ahead of the technology curve while also keeping your company’s data and information safe. Visit our website today!