End of the Year Checklist for Technology

Small businesses are sometimes required to take more precautions than large corporations when it comes to the security and safety of technology, data, and devices. This is because there is not an IT department working in the back of the office watching every move made on the company’s devices and software. Therefore, we have come up with a nice and detailed checklist that your business can go through at the end of every year in order to optimize the safety of your data and devices and to simply allow you have a fresh and easy start when you return to work after the holidays. Take the time, and maybe even a whole day, to ensure everything on this checklist is completed before 2020.

  1. Backup all of your documents and data on your work computer. You can do this using some sort of digital drive or a flash drive with ample storage space. 
  2. Perform any updates that your computer may have suggested throughout the year. It is easy to put off updating software as it is time-consuming, and it always seems to suggest the update when you are in the middle of a big project. 
  3. Delete any emails that are unneeded that you have received or that you have sent. Also, empty your trash. This will free up a lot of space on your device, and will also declutter your inbox so that you can access the important emails easier.
  4. Repeat number 3 with any documents or files you have downloaded on your device. Also, remove them from your device’s “trash” folder.
  5. Change password on every device, software, email, or drive your business uses. Record these new passwords in a safe place or on paper so you do not forget over the holidays.
  6. Clean out the physical equipment. If there are devices that are old and not being utilized, do yourself a favor by recycling it and getting it out of your workspace. 
  7. Perform an overall check to ensure every device you do use is working and is up to date. If repairs are needed, schedule an appointment to do so before closing for the holidays.

These are excellent and highly recommended measures to take to ensure a fresh and safe start to the new year. Contact Integracon today with any questions about our IT services. We would love to help you rest easy over the holidays by ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency for your company.