Dealing With Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is the introduction of new technologies and/or digital platforms that affect a current business model or way of working. This is a very broad category, as it can essentially be anything that interrupts your way of doing business. In the realm of IT, digital disruption is essentially inevitable. There is no avoiding it – it will happen. Not responding can cause your business to fall behind and become unable to operate. Gartner has provided 6 ways to respond to this common IT disruption. There isn’t a right or wrong approach, but they are all options for you to decide which would be best for your specific business model.


This is a passive approach. In this response tactic, you will wait and see what your competition does in response to the digital disruption. Then, you respond based on their response.


This is a very reactive approach. Typically, this is an aggressive response that sometimes results in legal action. 


This response involves taking an alternative course of action. Again, a business might wait and see what competitors are doing, but based on their response, take a whole new route to resolve the disruption.


This response calls for getting involved or partnering with another company. Sometimes, businesses join forces with multiple companies as well. Banding together can expedite the response time to the disruption and work in all the business’ favor.


Instead of responding directly to the disruption, some businesses choose to buy another company that is not involved with the disruption. Essentially, this approach is buying your way out.


This is not a great idea, but it is technically a route a business could take. Avoiding the disruption hinders any further innovation. An example of this is Blockbuster’s avoidance of the streaming service model, and we see how that worked out for them.

Digital disruption doesn’t have to be a headache to respond to and deal with. Contact Integracon today to see how we can assist your business in dealing with these disruptions. Visit our website today!