Integracon Serves Governmental Organizations

Serving the public and educating the population in a time of profound change is an enormous challenge. Whether you are facing tightening budgets and austerity measures, or are trying to adapt to new standards and global competition, technology is key to your success. With a dynamic and collaborative technology partner, you will have the resources to meet your goals, make informed strategic decisions and deliver the services and quality your constituents demand.

Integracon Delivers the Solutions Your Community Needs

We understand that you have unique accountability and efficiency requirements. Our solutions are designed to make your organization more effective, transparent and responsive. Integracon is a committed partner to several government agencies. They are all transforming the way they operate and modernizing their offerings with the help of handpicked Integracon professionals who have specific expertise and unique experience in their sector.

Services that have Helped Government Organizations:

  • IT Managed Services Contracts

Our IT managed services consist of four distinct parts that create our formula for success: expert‐level Strategic Consulting; Remote IT services; Remote Assistance and Cloud‐based technologies. With these services, you can customize your solution or buy an all‐ inclusive package.

  • IT Managed Security

Integracon Technologies offers unlimited Live Technical Assistance support as a core feature in our managed IT service plans. And, we guarantee when you call our Technical Assistance Center you’ll be speaking to a live technical consultant. Let the professionals solve your problems so you can focus on growing your business.

  • IT Mail Services

Our Managed Email service will ensure that your company email is safe, secure, reliable and widely available.  Our Mail Services always come at a reasonable cost, no matter how large or small your company. We specialize in Office365, Google Business Apps and Microsoft Exchange.

  • IT Data Vault Services

Your business relies on the on‐demand availability of critical data and network applications, from accounting records to proprietary company files. A comprehensive disaster recovery backup is a vital asset that ensures business continuity in the event of a major system or facility failure. Our IT Data Vault Services help your business recover your data in the event of a server failure or natural disaster, and restore it to a new hardware platform or virtual server environment within hours.

  • IT Cloud Service

From design, selection, implementation and support we provide all the Cloud assistance you need. Integracon Cloud Services are divided into three key categories. These categories include Cloud Consulting, Cloud Construction and Cloud Control.

Integracon’s IT solutions are designed to make your governmental organization more effective, transparent, and responsive. We truly pride ourselves in providing you and your organization with the fastest, most reliable IT support. Contact Integracon today to assess just how our services could be beneficial to your workplace.