Office 365 vs. Google Apps Who’s Winning?

When choosing what platform is best for your business to function on, Office 365 and Google Apps can look very similar from the outside. However, there are many key differences that should be known before choosing one or the other. Lucky for you, we’re here to break it all down.

Productivity Apps

Office 365: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, Skype for Business, Access. Complete professional suite with advanced features.

Google Apps: Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slide, Sites, Keep, Calendar, Hangouts, Gmail. Complete suite with less professional features.

Mobility Accessibility

Office 365: Available on desktop and mobile (can be installed on up to 5 devices) and online. Also available for offline work.

Google Apps: Browser-based only. Mobile apps available. No desktop versions. Also available for offline work.


Office 365: Exchange Online. 50GB email storage and 1TB OneDrive for Business storage per user.

Google Apps: Gmail. Less storage per user (30GB) shared between Drive, Gmail and Picasa.


Office 365: Calendar, email and contacts are automatically synchronized on all devices using ActiveSync.

Google Apps: Calendar, contacts and email are automatically synchronized on all devices using Microsoft’s ActiveSync.


Office 365: Lync for instant messaging and online meetings.

Google Apps: Talk for instant messaging Google Hangout for video conferences.

Document Libraries

Office 365: SharePoint. A more complete, customizable and flexible integration.

Google Apps: Sites. Basic tool with less customization and integration features.

Plans and Flexibility

Office 365: Multiple plans available for different needs and sizes.

Google Apps: One plan for all business sizes and needs.

Privacy Policy

Office 365: Microsoft’s privacy policy says they will not scan your data or provide information to third parties

Google Apps: Google’s Privacy Policy states they can use information they collect from you for advertising purposes

And The Winner Is…

When customers are putting their trust in us, Integracon Technologies chooses Office 365 as a reliable, secure platform. Why choose Office 365 with Integracon Technologies? Well, it’s simple:

  • We are your one-stop shop, offering a full set of cloud solutions available under one management portal.
  • Our experienced migration team offers free migration and onboarding.
  • We assess your needs and help you determine which plan is best for you.

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