3 Ways to Speed Up Your PC Running on Windows 10

Gone are the days of waiting for a connection to dial-up internet and web pages taking 5 minutes to load. We’ve become so used to instant results when it comes to our technology that even the slightest delay can leave us frustrated and feeling unproductive. Not to mention, the rise in technology speeds has led to an overall rise in efficiency expectations, so sometimes we can’t afford to be working on a slow computer. If your PC is running on Windows 10 and has lost its initial speed, try these three tips to have it running faster right away:

1. Adjust Your Power Settings

If you’re trying to save battery power, you’re hurting the speed of your computer. Windows 10 offers a great power saving option, but it weakens your PC’s performance in order to conserve power. Try changing your settings to high-power or balanced by opening your Control Panel / System and Security / Power Options. Once you choose your power setting, you should see an instant boost in overall speed and performance.

2. Limit Startup Programs

Any time you start your PC, certain programs begin running in the background of your PC, even if you aren’t using them. These programs create clutter and bog down your computer’s performance, so it’s important to limit them or disable them completely. Visit your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc and click the Startup tab. From there, you can see all the programs that run on startup. To disable a program, right click and select “disable”.

3. Clean Up Your Disk

The Disk Cleanup option of Windows 10 finds and deletes any extra or temporary files that might be clogging your PC. From your recycling bin to offline web pages, your computer stores a huge amount of superfluous files that can contribute to reduced performance. To run Disk Cleanup, simply search “disk cleanup” in the start menu.

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