Data Encryption Part 2: What Should Your Company Encrypt?

If you’ve been following our recent data encryption series, you know that protecting against cyber attacks is incredibly important. In our last post, we went over exactly what data encryption is, the types of data encryption methods, and how data encryption benefits organizations of all kinds. Next, it’s important to understand the type of data that should be encrypted within your company.

What Should Your Company Encrypt?

If your business doesn’t house the Pentagon secrets, you might be wondering what information you should be encrypting. There are two main classifications of information companies should always encrypt:

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally identifiable information is any information that can be used to identify one unique individual, like a driver’s license or social security number. PII can be easily used to commit identity fraud, which leads to applying for credit cards or loans in someone else’s name. Whether applicable to your employees or your customers, personally identifiable information is housed almost anywhere, from phones to laptops. Any company device should be encrypted, along with device storage. Take into account BYOD (bring your own device) business practices as well, as these devices aren’t immune to security breaches.

Confidential Business and Intellectual Property

When it comes to company secrets, thieves no longer have to be in the building to access information you don’t want getting out to competitors. With such integrated technology, tons of information is floating up in the cloud, hopping from device to device. Any hacker can easily access this data by finding a weak link in your network, but data encryption ensures your confidential information stays safe. From product releases to top clients, your competitors will often stop at nothing to get the upper hand. Stay one step ahead with data encryption and be sure you’ll never get caught off guard.

Data Security With Integracon Managed IT Solutions

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