Infographic: Business Continuity Solutions Help Protect Your Business or Nonprofit from Downtime

Business continuity solutions are beneficial — vital even — because they do just what they sound like: they help maintain your business’s or nonprofit’s vital data and tech functions, even in the face of downtime or some other disaster (like these 11 types of downtime).

Downtime can wreak havoc on a business; during downtime, all business functions are at a standstill, which means your customers and clients aren’t getting what they need (which results in a lack of income and trust), employees aren’t productive (more income is lost), and data may be lost. During downtime, time is money — and the longevity of your business — and even a simple half hour of downtime can be extremely costly. Longer amounts of downtime are unthinkably expensive.

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The sad truth is, most small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits (even some larger ones) aren’t prepared for downtime events. If they were, they’d be able to reduce downtime from costly — and possibly door-shutting — hours and days to business-saving minutes and seconds. When looking for a business continuity specialist or backup recovery vendor, make sure to use our business continuity checklist as a guide on what to look for in an IT team, and make sure you understand why a business continuity plan is more than just data backups.

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