8 Tips For Backing Up Your Data

Have you ever lost important data? If you have, you surely experienced the frustration that comes with it. It can happen to anyone, but fortunately, there are solutions. Having a backup strategy is key to avoid losing your data unexpectedly. Backing up data should be at the center of your business’s IT strategy.

Backing up your data

There are many ways you can choose to backup your data. Choosing the right method for you or your business is crucial when it comes to having an effective strategy. Here are some guidelines we’ve assembled when it comes to choosing your data backup plan:

  1. Storage is inexpensive. This is a huge benefit when it comes to backing up all of your data.
  2. Cloud storage has advantages over local storage as it is not subject to potential damage.
  3. Backup your data in more than one place. The more places your data is stored, the more unlikely it is that you lose it.
  4. Identify what data you need to back up. While we recommend backing up everything, make sure to determine what is most important or valuable and backup those most often.
  5. Physical copies are another method of backing up your online data. Printing documents such as tax files and bank statements is another way to minimize your chance of losing that data.
  6. Organization is key. Having files backed up in an organized fashion can help you from losing them, both virtually and in hard copies.
  7. If you rely heavily on applications, make sure you have a regular backup solution as application data is one of the most difficult forms of data to back up.
  8. A full backup is the best tactic for safeguarding against any loss of data, however it is very time consuming and can require a large amount of storage.

Need help backing up your company’s data?

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