IT Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

In the last decade, nonprofit organizations have turned to the internet to initiate fundraising efforts and contact potential donors. Gone are the days of mailing letters or soliciting donors door-to-door. Instead, nonprofits have pivoted to email marketing campaigns, subscriber information databases, and donation management systems. Because these organizations rely so heavily on technology to achieve their missions, it’s essential to protect your core operating systems from potential lags or failure.  

Common IT Challenges for Nonprofits

  1. Budgetary Concerns

Nonprofits are notorious for being spending savvy and it’s especially important when choosing your IT solutions! A common issue in this industry is finding a quick, reliable, and affordable IT technician to get your organization up and running. The key for 501(c)(3) organizations seeking IT help is to find a provider with strong industry ties to help you save your money and valuable resources. Leaders in the IT space, like Integracon, have the connections to help you save thousands of dollars in hardware and software costs through industry connections and extensive experience.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Clear access to information as quickly and efficiently as possible is essential for nonprofit professionals. More business is being conducted on phones than ever before and your employees are no exception. If your employees are accessing sensitive pages on their phones like a financial portal at a donor networking event, make sure your mobile device management policies are in check. By unlocking the value of mobility in your workplace while maintaining information security, your employees are empowered to work wherever they are through their mobile devices.

  1. Focus on What Matters

Many nonprofit organizations are known for having a hard-working, but small, staff. Rather than spend time and resources on in-house IT, give your employees a break by utilizing staff augmentation services. These for-hire IT specialists can cut your costs by being on the clock only when a problem needs solving. Outsourcing for IT needs is becoming increasingly popular and provides you and your employees the time to focus on the mission that really matters. Let the technicians do the complex tech work while your organization spends valuable time with donors and benefactors.

Let Integracon Work For You

Integracon provides a wide range of services to help nonprofit organizations of any size. Whether you need help working IT into your budget, optimizing your internal mobile systems, or outsourcing your IT, Integracon is here to help. Contact us today to discover how effective IT solutions can maximize your workforce and help you reach your organization’s goals.